Lively Las Vegas

So my second big trip of the year took me to Las Vegas. I had been twice before so I knew what to expect, but that said, every time you visit it still seems so surreal, ever as lively and vibrant. I was visiting Vegas for another work trip, for 10 days. As normal when it’s … More Lively Las Vegas

Chilling at Carton House

Over two weeks ago I was enjoying the perfect rejuvenating 4 day retreat in the wonderful surroundings of the Carton House. This was a treat from my parents as a Christmas gift, which is something they do instead of giving presents at Christmas, we take a break away together as a family.   It is always such a lovely break away where we … More Chilling at Carton House

‘Me Time’ make a date with yourself!

  It is probably true to say we don’t dedicate proper quality time to ourselves and we continually keep making excuses that we are too busy.  Hands up, I am guilty as they come. I really struggle with taking time to properly ‘switch off’ and when I do take time out I find myself not really embracing or fully enjoying the experience, whether … More ‘Me Time’ make a date with yourself!