My Cuppa Tea

Note to reader…. before you start reading the below a cup of tea in hand is essential There is nothing quite like a cup of tea…and for anyone who knows me they will know how much I really love my tea (so much that I could have up to 10- 12 cups a day, and … More My Cuppa Tea

P.S I Got Engaged

Happy Sunday Everyone So my good news is out…I Got ENGAGED.. (albeit it was last week) and it has been a LONG week holding it back from my close friends and wider family, as we had to wait on some family members to return from holidays to share the news this weekend. So the story … More P.S I Got Engaged

Holiday Highlights

Hey Lookers Happy Sunday, so I’ve returned home after a really fantastic break away with Kevin. We spent the last few days in Carton House Hotel and Powersctourt Hotel, two of my favourites in Ireland.  I love to holiday at home and the weather was just beautiful so I couldn’t have asked for anything better. We had a lovely mix of … More Holiday Highlights

Lively Las Vegas

So my second big trip of the year took me to Las Vegas. I had been twice before so I knew what to expect, but that said, every time you visit it still seems so surreal, ever as lively and vibrant. I was visiting Vegas for another work trip, for 10 days. As normal when it’s … More Lively Las Vegas