Fitness Journey

I’m ready and excited to start my fitness and wellbeing journey with FitTrack’s support. After a two-year unplanned break due to my priorities changing I’m ready finally to get back on track and get back to healthier lifestyle habits and getting active again.

I went from exercising 7 days a week, right up to the day I went into have Mollie to nothing. Motherhood consumed my time, we went through a difficult time initially with Mollie’s diagnosis, followed by a lot of sickness and hospital stays and I was breastfeeding for 8 months.

Time was not my own anymore and I had to invest all my time in Mollie to give her the care she needed especially during the sick periods as well as attending many medical appointments. Coupled with that I returned to work full time at 9 I think the longer I was out of the routine of doing any exercise or leading a healthier lifestyle it became my new normal.

All the time I knew that if I did exercise and took more time out for self care this would have helped my mental wellbeing which is what I needed most but it was hard to get into the right headspace to do it. I also had a sense of guilt about taking time out to exercise and that may seem crazy but it’s how I felt …so it all was a viscous circle.. The only time I would take time to exercise was when I went on work travels .. I would love getting up extra early and heading to the gym.

Despite attempts to get back on track in the middle of last year I ended up with a treadmill incident that led to an injury that meant I couldn’t do any workouts and even walking was a challenge., derailing my progress once again.

Some of what I’ve shared above may seem like excuses to some people, they may resonate with others but this is my story and it’s how things worked out for me. However as time passed I was very aware how it was impacting not only my physical wellbeing but also my mental wellbeing, which wasn’t good for me overall.

I’ve kicked off the New Year as a fresh start, I finally feel in the right headspace to commit to physical and mental well being. With FitTrack, I have a tool that goes beyond traditional tracking, providing insights into various health metrics, including body composition and overall wellness, so it provides a data-driven and informed approach and it will help motivate me to keep on track to exercise more and lead a healthier lifestyle.

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