Motherhood Journey.. a personal experience

Motherhood Journey.. a personal experience

I’ve been meaning to share this post so many times and it been written a long time… but after sharing personal thoughts on the topic of #motherhood over on my Instagram stories, my inbox kinda exploded…. So here the post is…

Over 1 whole year of our most precious Mollie .. the pure joy Mollie has brought to our lives and so many others, it’s hard to put into words. She is our most treasured gift and she radiates so much happiness to so many people. Through her journey, watching her little personality flourish, see her develop, respond, react, engage, have fun, her Infectious smile, are just some of the many things that makes my heart warm, and these are all the things that make many days amazing.

And then there have been hard days during our journey, days when we’ve cried and days that were full of anxiety for different reasons… simply adjusting and adapting to motherhood, being a first-time mum, reliving a traumatic birth, covid times, processing Mollie’s diagnosis, hospital appointments, hospital stays, lingering sicknesses, changes in our lifestyle, growing into new routines… nothing can prepare you for all of that and you have to simply deal with it as it comes.

Some days have been overwhelming and scary and with filled with fear and worry mixed along side many amazing and unforgettable days, feeling pure contentment, happiness, joy and fulfilment.

And the guilt I feel about having different negative feelings eats me up, but the more I talk to other mums and after sharing my stories last night I’m learning that it’s ‘normal’ to have these feelings. I’ve come to realise that different feelings can co-exist, like anxiety, fear and worry, sadness, can still be present, along with unconditional love, gratitude, joy and all the other amazing feelings you have for your baby.

Motherhood is absolutely the most amazing and rewarding and fulfilling and the most honourable role and one I’m forever grateful for… but like many things in life it doesn’t come without its challenges and worry and guilt and fear of the unknowns.. but what a journey it is and how fortunate and blessed we are to have the best tour guide we could ever ask for… MISS MOLLIE.

It’s sometimes hard to open up and share my feelings, but I’m trying to keep my motherhood journey real, and I hope in sharing this, that I help other mums who are perhaps feeling similar emotions and let them know they know they are not alone.

I totally understand that this is a triggering post for many… I was once that person who may have felt exactly like that. Please know I’m sharing this to help and support others

Thank you for choosing me to be your mummy 💖🙏🌟 I am one lucky mummy 💫

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