Side & Coffee Table Décor

Side & Coffee Table Décor

Hi everyone, wishing everyone is keeping well and safe and your spirits are high.

I hope  you enjoyed last weeks post on adding some Spring décor to our home in the way of flowers.

In today’s post I am going to share some hints and tips to utilise your ‘Coffee and Side Tables’ and make them a real focal point by adding some décor to them.

First of all it worth pointing out that these tables are one of the most important pieces of furniture in your living spaces, as they are both practical and also provide a pretty place to display your favourite accessories.

Ideally you want to make them a focal point in your room an ultimately they act as an anchor for  your ottomans, armchairs, and sofas.

Below are 10 ways to freshen up your ‘Coffee and Side Table’ décor:

Things you can add:

  1. Style a stack of books
  2. Add a pitcher with some blooms
  3. Try a tray
  4. Introduce some collectables
  5. Mix in your Fruit bowl
  6. Add lots of Candles
  7. Place a decorative box perfect for hiding away things like remote’s.
  8. Drop in some Decorative objects
  9. Spruce it up with Seasonal accessorizing
  10. Add some cute coasters
  11. Light it up with a lamp


Tips for Displaying:

  1. Varying heights is good to add dynamic
  2. On one table just go with one statement piece
  3. Group in assortments of 3’s
  4. Add pops of colour to move the eye around the table
  5. Mix it up for the different seasons
  6. Switch out any blooms for new seasonal ones
  7. If your table has two tiers make the most of both of them
  8. Mix and match colours for a unique style

Remember you can change them up during the season and give them an entirely new look.

Below are some of my own coffee and side table decorating and styling


Hope you enjoyed these hints and tips.

Happy styling

Elaine x

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