Spring Tablescape

Spring Tablescape

In today’s post I’m sharing some tips for styling your table to add an idyllic Spring Touch to your Home. And no better accessory than Flowers to create a Spring Atmosphere in Your Home and being some cheer and joy during these turmoil times.

Here are some of my Top hints and tips for achieving a Spring Tablescape:

  1. Gather up any vases you might have, they can varying heights and colours and styles and you can even use old jam jars or other glass jars.
  2. You can use a runner on your table or leave without, its your preference
  3. You can place you vases in a few different ways
    1. In a line spaced out along your table or
    2. You can group them into 3’s and do 3 little groups
    3. Or you can have one larger group in the centre flanked by two smaller groups. Note: If grouping put a mix of different heights of vases together, work in 3 and 5 and same rule applies for the flowers (more on that below)
  4. Now for the flowers, you can use fresh or faux. In my displays I use both and there are times I mix them together, so whatever works for you.
  5. Where to find them – if you’re fortunate to have a garden full of blooms then look no further and get a mix of blooms and foliage to add to your vases from here. Also go out and explore the fields and space around you and you will be amazed at the sprig’s and branches that exists, making the perfect vase addition. Otherwise you can pick up some cheap bunches of your favourite blooms and foliage at your local supermarket.
  6. When placing your flowers in the vases think in terms of levels and use different heights of flowers in the various vases, this will help the dynamic of the look.
  7. Place different flowers in each vase this will all add character and depth to your display.
  8. You can also make your arrangement airy and elegant by just adding one or two flowers in each vase, as opposed to over loading them.
  9. You can add some unconventional elements and mix in your foliage, springs and branches.
  10. Photograph your display and share with your family & friends

Scroll to see some of the different ways I styled my table.

Remember to use the #elainestroves when sharing any photos of your creations

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