Tis The Season to Carry out An Act of Kindness

Tis The Season to Carry out An Act of Kindness

Hey Lookers

Its 3 days to Christmas….I can’t believe it!

The last two years at Christmas I did Elaine’s Roves ‘n Troves 12 Days of Christmas’ but the run up to Christmas this year has been so manic, probably due to the fact that my weeding is in 7 weeks, hasn’t helped with having much spare time on my hands.

That said I wanted to offer a little something  back and wanted to highlight a topic I covered last year around ‘Act of Kindness’, as its one that never gets old or out of date. So todays post is all about giving a little bit back, it’s about seeking out the opportunity to perform a selfless ‘Act of Kindness’,  after all ‘Tis the Season’. To make it easy I have pulled together 50 ideas of what you can do as little acts of kindness (see it at the end of the post.)

For many people this time of year can be particularly difficult as it can be a trigger for many people to focus on what is missing in their life, it can bring around stress because of the expectations and pressure Christmas can bring and instead  make people feel unhappy. So this is your opportunity, and in essence, the perfect time to reach out to such people as well as your family, friends and more and take action in the form of a selfless ‘acts of kindness’.

A little gesture, something small

Too often we can all get caught up in our own little bubble and consumed in our own life we forget to think about how others are feeling, what they are going through and the struggles they have. A little ‘Act of Kindness’ is sometimes all it takes to make a difference, it can be something small, a simple gesture, and this can really make a positive difference to someone, brighten their day, bring a smile to their face and who knows they too may pass on the kindness.  When we ‘give’ we feel rewarded and it’s about doing things not because someone told you to or you feel obliged to do it, but doing it because you genuinely want to, that’s where the real ‘feel good’ factor comes in.

When did you last Spread the Kindness?

So I ask you now, when was the last time you carried out a random act of kindness?? Yesterday, last week, last month, last year? And equally when was the last time you received ‘an act of kindness’ – do you remember how that made you feel?

This evening I am going to share some love for a few local business that I couldn’t be without, which is my little way of showing some kindness and support to them.

Time to Act and Make someone ‘Jolly’

To make it simple for you I have pulled together  50 simple ‘Acts of Kindness’ ideas that you can do for a  loved one, a friend,  a neighbour, someone going through a tough time,  a local charities or a stranger.

Think how different the world would be if we each carried out a small act of kindness, so start from today and make someone’s day a jolly one.

My 50 Simple Acts of Kindness to choose from – or why not try to do as many as you can between now and Christmas

50 random acts of kindness elainesrovesntroves

I would really love to hear any acts of kindness that you have done for someone or indeed someone has done for you, leave your comments below…

Elaine x

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