Reflexology – The Perfect Touch at ‘Sole Touch’, Draperstown

Reflexology – The Perfect Touch at ‘Sole Touch’, Draperstown

Kathleen the Owner

Last week I was invited to Sole Touch, a wonderful complimentary therapy clinic that offers therapies to enhance your daily life, boost your self-confidence and self esteem and to help you connect with your inner self. This is achieved through a range of reflexology treatments, that is offered by Kathleen, the owner and a highly qualified therapist.

Kathleen specialises in fertility, maternity and baby reflexology, however I was there to get ‘standard’ reflexology, if I can call it that. What I wanted to get from the treatment was purely to destress, unwind and to rejuvenate.

And the treatment couldn’t have come at a better time as I had just finished some work travels, where I hosted a major work event… so stress levels were high, I was feeling fatigue and had and still am generally out of routine… so ‘restoring balance and connecting with my inner self’ was exactly what I needed.


A warm welcome indeed


Kathleen welcomed me into her beautiful clinic that is nestled in the town of Draperstown. Instantly I felt calm and at ease, as her clinic is decorated in a very relaxing and tranquil style, with some beautiful and personal touches of decorative masterpieces created and designed by her talented son from ‘Devlin in Design’.

So right from the start before I even got onto the treatment bed I could really feel myself unwind and I instantly felt relaxed with the calming surroundings.


Beautiful bespoke masterpieces created by Kathleen’s Son from ‘Devlin In Design’


I had reflexology a few times before but it was some time ago so I was glad when Kathleen started by explaining the whole process of reflexology, it was extremely useful and interesting to hear all the benefits of it again. She used a visual board to illustrate the treatment and took me through each part of the feet and highlighted what part of the body it corresponds to. I forgot how fascinating reflexology is and how everything is connected.

Then I was asked to lie on the treatment bed and it was so cosy and comfortable. Kathleen started by examining my feet to check for general well-being and then the treatment began.  A wonderful part of it, that Kathleen incorporates, is some meditation and visualisation, making it so much more enjoyable and it really helped me connect with my inner self and really get into slow mode and quiet my head. Very soon I was in a different zone and feeling utterly relaxed.

The treatment lasted about and hour and it was absolutely fabulous. At the end Kathleen offered some advice based on a few little things she picked up on from the treatment. Overall I was delighted to hear that I was in general good health, but there was evidence of stress which was no surprise.


To add to the  service Kathleen is a community facilitator for WRDA & delivers BCB (breast, cervical, bowel) screening awareness programmes to groups, so as part of my treatment she kindly offered some of critical advise and guidance on checking ourselves. This was extremely beneficial as it really reminded me of the importance of regular checks and more importantly to book my overdue smear test… two very important things that I know I personally can forget about, so I was grateful to be reminded of them.



Then as an extra little treat Kathleen very kindly brought me to lunch to a beautiful coffee shop in Draperstown, called Aroma. They offer a wonderful range of healthy snacks, lunches and dinners, so we enjoyed a lovely bite to eat and a good chat.


Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the treatment and the full experience, Kathleen has such a lovely way and energy about her, that passes onto you, making you feel calm, relaxed and at ease.

I most definitely came away feeling like I had a weight of my shoulders and appreciated the time to just stop and slow everything down right down to the thoughts in my head…I’m really looking forward to a follow up appointment later this week.

Elaine x

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  1. Anne
    October 14, 2018 / 9:08 pm

    What a beautiful salon looks so peace. Blue and gold my favourite new colours

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