A New Perspective – I Can See Clearly Now

A New Perspective – I Can See Clearly Now

A New Perspective

Last week I picked up my NEW glasses that I got in McGrath & McCrystal Opticians, Omagh.  I was super excited to get a new pair as it’s about 6 years since I got my last 2 pairs. As you may know from reading my earlier blog on my search for the perfect pair I was on the lookout for some time but could never find a pair I really loved. I am also a contact lens wearer and found over the last while I was wearing them more and more often and I always worry about how they might effect your eyes. Recently I have also seen so many other people with fab fashionable frames and I liked the idea of updating my own so I could also give my eyes a break from my lenses. That said I wanted to get a fashionable pair so when I wore them I would still feel stylish and confident.

Decisions Decisions

Making a final decision on the frame was so hard in the end as McGrath & McCrystal offer so many choices and styles across several designers. In the end I had it narrowed down to a black Gucci Frame and the one I went for from Face A Face Range. The Gucci frame was a favourite when I did a little poll on facebook back some time ago, and this was what I was set on until I went back in to get my eye examination, when this other pair  ‘caught my eye’. The thing that swayed me to this pair over the full black frame was the touches of gold on the bridge and sides that made them that little bit different. Its funny, when it comes to dĂ©cor I also love the gold/black combo.

The Final Choice

So this is the frame I went for in the end from Face A Face Range, which is a Parisian brand offering free, bold and colourful styles that have real character. Finding something that was an extension of my personality was important and I think these capture that. A trademark of the range is the unique colours and the gold touches in mine I feel create a little boldness and add to the overall expression.

So I have to say I really love them and they are so comfy to wear, plus I love the fact that they suit lots of different looks, style and colours. I’ve shared a few pics below showing how I have wore them over the last week.


An Extension of My Personality

So I’m one happy lady to have found a frame I love and am so grateful to McGrath & McCrystal Opticians’s for all their help in finding a frame for me that helps express my personality and makes me feel stylish and confident.

Elaine x

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  1. Carrie-Anne Hunter
    July 16, 2018 / 7:25 pm

    The new glasses really are fab! I know they have to be exactly right, I’m the same about my glasses!

    Those pink & black Marc Jacobs ones you snapped are cute too!

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