A Day At The Races

A Day At The Races

Hey Lookers

I just experienced my first proper ‘Day at the Races’ last Friday and what a fun day it was.

When I say proper,  I did go to Punchestown Races quite a few years ago, but it was just the two of us and we only stayed for a few hours, so I don’t think it qualified as the full and proper day at the races experience.

Something Different

This day out was to mark my sisters 40th Birthday and whilst we considered lots of other things to do like afternoon teas, spa breaks, shopping trips and so forth, we wanted to do something a bit different and something we haven’t done before, for all the family, so this worked out a treat.

With it being a special occasion we thought we would go all out and travel in style and went for a limo, which was fun and a great surprise.


The races are the type of event that is suitable for young and old and you don’t have to be into betting or even horses for that matter, although I do love horses. It’s the full experience of the races that makes it such a social and fun day out. My parents also joined us for the celebrations and they had no idea what to expect but they enjoyed it as much as we did.


A Bit of Buzz

By no means do you have to be into betting to enjoy this experience, its all a bit of fun and you can spend as little or as much as you like on the horses. That said our day started very well as two in our group, including myself, had a WIN in the first race, and we enjoyed a few more throughout the day. I have to admit winning a little definitely adds to the excitement and buzz of it as you find yourself in a different zone and going just a little bit crazy while you cheer your horse over the line.



Your Choice

There are different package options and prices to choose from when booking your day at the races, depending on the type of race day it is.  You can choose from admission only through to Suite packages, that include food and drinks.

The race event we attended last Friday was a standard race day so the suite options worked out great value and we were lucky to get the ‘Guinness Suite’ package for only £25 each, which included French tapaz, a glass of wine and access to the Suite for the full day.  This particular suite accommodates up to 500 people, which means you have a seat all day and from here you can easily go out onto the balcony that overlooks the racetrack so you can watch the race and lap up the buzz of it all. I would highly recommend this option as you have a base, especially if there is a group going. From here you can still easily wander around the rest of the race site and take in the races from the main grandstand which also has a fab atmosphere and real buzz, you can also go to the paddock and casually come and go to the suite as you please.

If you still feeling peckish, like we were later in the evening, there are other food outlets dotted around, from coffee carts and ice cream to chips vans and snack huts, you won’t go hungry.

Aside from the Guinness Suite there are also other suite options to choose from, each offering different food and package options , depending on what you are after. Head to the site to see more.


Ladies Day

It wasn’t a ‘Ladies Day’ when we went on Friday, as it only happens 3 times a year, so dress code was more relaxed, but that didn’t stop us getting dressed up…just a bit.

My next visit will definitely be a ‘Ladies Day’ just to experience that part of it all, get into my finery with fascinator and all and not to mention swooning over all the other fashion and style.

On Ladies days the packages are more expensive however you get a four /three course dinner included and it’s because they are the more popular days to attend with Ladies Day Competition and great prizes up for grabs.

The next Ladies Days are coming up in June and another in November, so hopefully I might get to one of them! Check out their Fixtures Here

Experience it For Yourself

It’s one of those things you have to simply experience it for yourself to appreciate the fun and buzz of it all. I can’t recommend it highly enough.. so if your after a fun day out with a mix of glamour, excitement and buzz, then this is perfect option for any group celebration or get together.

See more on what they have to offer by clicking over to Down Royal

Have you enjoyed a day at the races? I would love to hear more on your experience, comment below

Elaine xx

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