Splendour of Sligo – Getaway

Splendour of  Sligo – Getaway

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I wanted to share some discoveries and finds from a break I took to Sligo back in January, (seems a lifetime ago now),  it has been sitting in my drafts for a while so I thoughts it’s about time I published it…

If your on the lookout for a short little getaway on your doorstep, Sligo has lots to offer.

A few months ago I took a 2 night break with my partner, Kevin, and my parents, to lovely Sligo, Ireland.  We had planned to go away a few times before Christmas but we had to cancel for different reasons, so this break was what should have been our pre Christmas break. It happened to be Kevin’s birthday so it worked out perfect timing.

Sligo is a place I haven’t been in quite a while, so it was nice to go back and I must say I was very impressed with what it has to offer. It’s only about 2 hours drive from me, I live outside Omagh, which is a nice distance for a short get away. The joy about going somewhere in Ireland is you can pack the car full, as you always need clothes for all seasons, as the weather is unpredictable, and away you go. Funny I should say that, cos the snow was so that bad on the day we went, we almost didn’t get away, but we did and there was absolutely no snow in Sligo.


From this  – Snowy Hills of Tyrone


To This…Scenic Sligo

In this post I want to share some of my own discoveries and finds during my short trip and have listed my TOP 10 Below:

  1. Rest your head in The Glasshouse Hotel. It is located right in the centre of the city and is so close and convenient to everything. The hotel is also located on a River bank, so it offers some fantastic views and dramatic sights.

2. Have a browse and a bite to eat in Kates Kitchen, its an independent grocery and eatery with so many delicious bites to enjoy in store or you can buy and enjoy them at home. It also has a small cosmetic skincare section that offers lots of Irish brands amongst other leading brands


3. Take a step back in time and enjoy a drink in Hargadon Bros Bar, it’s a traditional style bar, with lots of character and ambience and there is live music every weekend.


4. Take a drive out to Strandhill and take a walk along the beach. (Make sure to bring proper footwear, we hadn’t really planned to go for a walk and I definitely wasn’t dressed for the occasion) but we enjoyed it nonetheless.


5. Then after your walk in Stranhill stop for a bite of scrumptious food in Shells Coffee Shop, the food is all home made and is absolutely delicious, plus it is served with a big warm smile. They also have a little craft shop as part of the shop with lots of Irish craft pieces to choose from.


6. If you fancy another short drive head out to Rosses Point another beauty spot and seaside resort. Here you could enjoy a coffee and a sweet bite in ‘The Drift Wood’

7. Enjoy an evening meal at ‘Knox‘, we unfortunately didn’t get the chance to as we didn’t book in time, but it was one place that everybody recommended. So my advise here is to ‘book’ in advance not to be disappointed

8. Pick up some gifts and books in the many little independent and local Irish stores dotted across the city. I particularly like Carraig Donn, they have some lovely homeware items.

9. Immerse yourself in literacy, as your in the home of renowned poet W.B Yeats and no matter where you go there is pieces of poems everywhere to be seen.


10. Get close to nature, there are some spectacular sights to been seen, Ben Bulben Mountain is quite special which features in some of Yeats’ poems. There are also many seaside resorts to feast your eyes on and lots of walks to take you deeper into the natural beauty of it all.

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