Take Time To Appreciate & Be Grateful

Take Time To Appreciate & Be Grateful


Hey Lookers

I started this post a few weeks ago when an incident happened with a bunch of flowers I bought, basically I forgot to add water and I thought they were dead but after lots of hints and tips on how to bring them back to life, they actually did, much to my DELIGHT & SURPRISE.

All of this got me thinking about APPRECIATION as something so simple as this really made me happy and smile when they came back to life. I could have just bought another bunch but that wasn’t the point, I appreciated so much getting all the hints and tips from everyone and then the fact they got a new lease of life was simply wonderful.  So the post sat in draft for a while and in between times I have since been away on some travels with my work, to Miami and Connecticut, and it wasn’t until I got back home on Sunday that I started to think how fortunate I am to get to travel with my work, which I probably don’t appreciate enough and with being away it also makes you appreciate the simple things that you miss when you are away.


My Flowers Standing Tall Again


The before…

Appreciate The Here & Now

Sometimes we can all be guilty of taking things for granted, forgetting to appreciate and not living in the moment to fully enjoy them. Hands up if that’s YOU? It is definitely me and I have to make a point of reminding myself  to appreciate every single thing, large and small.

So I thought I would share a little post talking about the simple things and some other things I know I should take more time to appreciate, as it’s true to say some of them were once my wishes and dreams, which I hope you too can relate to.

I Appreciate…

Getting to Travel

I have just returned from some work travels and am lucky to get to visit some amazing places around the world 🌍 as my job as global marketing manager. When I’m away I’m typically very busy with work, consisting of lots of very early mornings and long and busy days, but this is balanced with getting to some amazing destinations in beautiful surroundings and getting little surprises and perks along the way.

Limo all to myself…courtesy of the hotel

Sometimes I’m also lucky to have a few hours free and when I do I get the chance to take in some of the sights and sounds on offer and for that I am grateful. I see it as a reward for being away from home, being out of my routine, missing out on family and friends and working long hours, it all balances out.





‘Appreciate where you are at this moment instead of always focussing on how far you have to go’

Getting to Learn

I love to continually learn and enhance my skills in everything I do and I’m in the mist of completing a programme called #powerof4 to help develop and grow my blog which is something that I’m very excited about and grateful to get the opportunity to complete.


Doing what I love..writing

‘Appreciate what you have, where you are and who you are in this moment’

Getting to Write

Recently I was so fortunate to get the opportunity to write two ‘Interiors Feature’ for Northern Woman magazine, which I absolutely loved doing as I get to share some of my favourite interior finds with their readers. This is something I never even imagined getting the chance to do, so for this am very grateful.

I also appreciate all the support from my followers who take time to engage and interact with me and share, like and comment on my posts, this really does means so much to me.


Northern Woman Magazine


Featuring my First Interiors Feature

And Now for some of the ‘Simple Things’ I APPRECIATE

1. Getting a cuppa tea when I come home from travels

2. Getting into bed with fresh sheets

3. Taking in breathtaking views on our doorstep

4. Relaxing in my home comforts

5. Having family close to me

6. Leaving the airport to go home

7. Seeing my nieces and nephews

8. Having time with my friends

9. Taking a bath

10. Taking time out to write for my blog

11. Watching a movie or box set

12. Getting my Nails done

13. Going for a walk

14. Having no makeup on

15. Getting into my PJ’s or jogging. bottoms

16. Taking quiet time to myself

17. Having no phone for 1 hour (this is hard)

18. Sitting in front of my cosy fire


Simple pleasures of tea and a simple breakfast

Savouring stunning scenery

Getting my nails done

Home comforts

Me and my little niece



Over To YOU…

So that’s just a flavour of some of the larger and smaller things I appreciate, I have many more but I don’t want to bore you with them.

So now I task you with doing the same, take a moment and reflect on what you APPRECIATE, is there anything you set out as a goal to do and you have now completed it or achieved it? Was it also once a wish or dream? … if so take time to sit and reflect and appreciate what you have achieved and be more mindful to try to enjoy the moment when it happens.

‘Appreciate life as it happens, moments will soon pass and you will wish you had treasured them more’

I would love to hear what do you take time to APPRECIATE?

Elaine xx

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