Finding The Balance – Do What You Love

Finding The Balance – Do What You Love

Hey Lookers

It has been a while since I have posted on here and I literally just pulled this together in the last few hours as this is something I wanted to share and offload.

Do What You Love

My motto I try to live by ‘Do What You Love’ 💖 and this week I have been doing just that and more

Personal Development

During the week I attended the Women’s Is Business Annual Entrepreneurs Women’s conference in the amazing Galgorm Resort & Spa and I really love events like this, where I get inspired, pick up fresh ideas, get reminders of what to do and what not to do and basically share a space and connect with like minded people. Over the last few weeks in fact I have been to quite a few of these types of events and find them really beneficial to my development and confidence.

You can read more on Women’s Conference Here and more on another event I attended, Mum’s Networking Event Here

Family & Friends

This week I have also spent some times with family and friends catching up, having dinner, at a new restaurant in fact, @sodaandstarch and enjoying some walks. Spending quality time with those to matter … it’s always like a tonic for me and so important 💁🏼‍♀️


I have also been doing lots of writing for my blog which I absolutely love and I’m working on my next feature for @northernwomanmagazine which I’m so thrilled to be part of so watch this space 🙌

Weddings and Parties

I have also been very busy planning events which is another love of mine and it’s much easier and enjoyable when it’s for your sisters Big birthday coming up next week 🎂 and for your own wedding 👰. Thankfully plans are coming along well and the countdown it really on. I will have more posts and updates on my wedding plans to date in the coming week, so keep a watch. In the meantime have a read on my plans to date here

Work Life Balance

That’s not to mention my job and the busyness and stress that comes with it, which can be hard, even though I love it. It’s a very busy environment with lots of deadlines and projects as well as many global events and travels.

So whilst I’m doing all the things I love I sometimes find it very hard to get the BALANCE to do what I love whilst not getting so so busy and bogged down in things that I don’t even realise they are happening. I find I can start to lose my way, that I don’t feel in the moment and the thing passes before I know it without really enjoying it to its fullest. So even though I am aware of all of this I still find myself getting too busy and stressed which can all become overwhelming, it’s a very hard thing to keep control of.

Make A Promise To You

So I make a promise to myself that I have to stop and make a real effort to slow down a bit and stop running and rushing from here to there and stressing in between. I need to keep a check of my mind and body and keep the stress at bay and take proper time out.

How I set about doing  this is block off some time to myself, which I am doing just now in my own home, sitting in the peace and quiet, no noise, no TV’s, no interruptions..nothing just silence in my own company and this really helps me to slow my pace, not only of my mind but my body. Its a good time to collect your thoughts and revaluate. Mindfulness is another great way to do this, which I try to do every morning, just 5 minutes, but sometimes I find myself to ‘busy’ to do it!!

I also like to take breaks away and as it happens I actually have one planned for this Monday with my family (Back again to The Galgorm) but I’m finding myself even stressing about that as I have so much happening, a very very long ‘TO Do’ list, get ready for more Work travels and endless deadlines to meet. I feel I’m almost squeezing in this break and worrying about how I will ‘switch off’ and really get to enjoy it. I even considered cancelling this trip but I know this isn’t the answer, because this break is probably EXACTLY what I need right now and is just what I need to SQUEEZE in.


Have a great weekend and try to take some time out for YOU.

Elaine xx


  1. Mary McCormack
    March 10, 2018 / 9:21 pm

    Story of my life Elaine..thank you for sharing…yes…we need to stop in our tracks sometimes and rein ourselves in. Xx

    • elainedonaghy
      March 10, 2018 / 10:16 pm

      Yes so very true Mary… it’s so hard sometimes and can all be very overwhelming.. we can be our own worst enemy.

  2. Jolene
    March 11, 2018 / 7:17 pm

    This rings a lot of bells !!! Though I have really made an effort not panic or freak out like I used to! But it is as if I like punishing myself inviting more and more responsibilities on myself.
    However, I think this is just me and I am not ever going to be able to fully change that! So now and then I remind myself to stop and take in whatever is in front of me right then and there and appreciate I am here to do it. Enjoy your break Elaine family time without a doubt is the most precious 💗

    • elainedonaghy
      March 11, 2018 / 9:30 pm

      Thanks so much for taking the time to leave your message. This really resonates with me. Thanks for the advise and support. Hope you also take time for YOU 💖

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