Wishing you the Merriest of Christmases

Wishing you the Merriest of Christmases

Hey Lookers

Its Christmas EVE….who else is EXCITED????

I have all my shopping done, my table is set, some films have been watched, gifts have been wrapped, mince pies have been enjoyed and now all there is to do is get some food prep underway ahead of tomorrow and sip some some mulled wine.



The Magic Of Christmas 

I am sooooo ridiculously EXCITED, I can’t believe its Christmas EVE and tomorrow is Christmas DAY, it really is the most wonderful time of the year.  If only you could bottle up the atmosphere, feelings and magic that Christmas brings and sprinkle little bits throughout the year.

It really is the only one time of the year when everyone stops and makes a real effort to come together, to come home and spend time who those who really matter in their lives, close family and friends. The one time you can put on the ‘out of office’ and know nobody else will be looking for you, and you can totally switch off and relax.

And Christmas Day itself is that one special unique day when nothing else is a priority more than Christmas itself.  That makes it so special and so unique as each and everyone is in the same state of mind…magical.

Of course we need to remember those who have hardship over Christmas, are not as fortunate as us, who are suffering and in pain and who don’t enjoy this time of year for for different personal reasons. May they have peace and happiness.

be kind as everyone you meet is fighting a different battle

Christmas Traditions Live On

I really am like a big child when it comes to Christmas and love all the traditions that I fondly remember as a child and still continue them to this day…. making sure all the Christmas lights are turned on in the house, doing the rounds to deliver your gifts, their is something so fulfilling about giving a gift and seeing the delight,  getting into my new pyjamas on Christmas eve, sitting in them for most of the day in front of a blazing fire and watching films, wrapping those last few presents on Christmas Eve night, family coming together for a festive drink of mulled wine that has just been freshly prepared or enjoying some hot chocolate and savouring the scents of the festive dinner starting to be prepared.  Then then on Christmas Day getting up ridiculously early to see what has been left under the tree for me… (I still love to do this and still get surprises from my parents), staying in your pyjamas for another bit and then getting into your new Christmas outfit, enjoying the most wonderful festive meal at the most delightful table setting with your family, Christmas carols playing in the background, festive scents in the air and just enjoying the warmth and spirit and magic that is there…… its so hard to put into words, but I just LOVE it. I never what these two days to end.

hot-chocolate-elainesrovesntroves feature image

pyjamas feature

festive table styling



Wishing you the Merriest of Christmases

So I wanted to write this special post to you, to wish every single one of my followers, whether you follow me here, on my snapchat, instagrm, Facebook or on all platforms, to wish you the merriest of Christmases and to thank you sincerely for all the support over the last year.  It really has meant so much to me and I hope you continue on the journey with me into 2018. May your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and beyond be filled with all things merry and bright.

So enjoy and savour every second of it all and soak up the magic and spirit that comes with this special and unique season.

Some final thoughts…




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