Festive Flair Finishing Touches – Day 8 of 12

Festive Flair Finishing Touches – Day 8 of 12

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Welcome to Day 8 of my 12 days of Christmas, only 10 days to Christmas eeekk.. as you probably can tell by now I love Christmas and everything about it. So yesterday I shared some of my ‘Dashing Decorations’. Today I want to show some of my own creations I made myself, that cost very little money and using things I have but adding some festive cheer to them, using left over baubles, foliage from the garden.

I typically don’t spend time making things and don’t claim to be any expert but you can achieve something unique for your home with little cost. Simply go on the hunt around your garden, add some simple Christmas accessories and there you have it,  quite easy and very satisfying.

Pinterest is the ultimate go to to get ideas, the problem is there are too many and not enough time to create them all.

I have included the how to for each…

Staircase Garland

I have real Christmas trees in my house and luckily they were too tall which meant cutting the bottoms of them. Rather than waste this  I decided to use it for my staircase garland and for other parts of the home which I have included below.

How To: I pulled the branches apart and bunched them together to create the garland effect. Cable ties was the essential here, which I used to secure them in place. Then to hide any cables showing I dotted on the leftover baubles and some pinecones (that I got from the forest behind my house), using a glue gun to secure the cones and the baubles are secured with little pieces of wire.

This helps being some festive touch to the hallway and it ties in with my décor.

Festive Door Wreath

I had some left over baubles from my tree so it was a pity to waste them so I decided to add them to my wreath.


How To: This wreath started as a plain base, which I picked up from  Lidl, then I simply added the foliage using the wire (I used wire decoration holders I got in Home Bargins) and some glue to hold it in place, which I also used to secure the baubles and cones. Then a set of LED battery lights are weaved through the wreath. I picked up some bits of ribbon and bow in Home Bargains at 79p a roll (bargain). A glue gun is a good investment and this little one I picked this up online at Cromwell’s and only cost £16.99.

This adds a lovely festive welcome to any home.

Berry Vaseholly-festive-flair-elainesrovesntroves



How To: Left over holly and berries I picked from outside or you can purchase in any florist for pretty cheap. I paired with some of the lovely brown acorns, just simply placed in a vase.  These are all from the garden and our forest and I must say I love the rawness of this.

My Mums Creative Flair

I can’t take full credit for my Festive Flair creations,  as my mum made a few things for me and is so good in this department. She made the below Spray Wreaths for me. Again using all foliage form the garden, left over baubles.

Winter Spray Wreathoutdoor-festive-spray-wreath

spray tray with handle.jpg

How To: This is my mum’s masterpiece, she created  this using a spray tie with a handle, with a  piece of oasis (wet foam), so to keep things living longer. Then the base was used to add the foliage, acorns and baubles using the oasis to secure them in tightly. It is finished with a piece of decorative ribbon and then hung outside, creating a lovely festive welcome.

Holly Highlightschristmas-holly-festive-flair-elainesrovesntroves

holly elainesrovesntroves.jpg

How To: I had some left over holly from my collection so I thought why not add it to the window. It is simply secured there using some glue dots. You can pick these up in any good stationary store,  or the ones I got were out of Home Bargains

Festive Jars

How To: I Pulled some stems from the larger left over Christmas tree branches. Placed them into jars I had and added water to keep them alive. Then I tied a little bit of ribbon/string around the top of the jar.

The other jars are filled with a mix of snowflakes (also from Home Bargins) or in some I have used Epsom salts and then added some real cranberries and topped up with some cones.

Dresser Decorations

How To: Again using left over branches I just draped them over the edges, added some red berry branches and then some cones to add the overall touch.

In the area above my cooker I did it similar and just added some lights through it. There are lots of little settle battery and power operated in Homebase.

Other Festive Flairs in my Home

Flower and Globe (Home Bargins )

I hope this has given you some ideas that you too can create with little cost and all it takes is a bit of time, but it’s rewarding when you do it.

Check back here tomorrow for Day 9



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