Take A Seat

Take A Seat

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In this months interior post I am sharing a corner of my home that I have just recently completed décor wise.  It’s my window seat that is situated in my kitchen area.

Last Minute Addition

Both the window and the seat idea was a last minute addition to the kitchen. We incorporated both ideas during the build as it wasn’t in the original plan and I’m glad I did as it has created a nice feature in our kitchen. The window also lets in more natural light to this area as well as offer some nice views when seated here.



Kitchen Feature

When I was designing my kitchen I incorporated the seat concept into the overall design so it would look part of it. I placed it to the end of the kitchen units to create a natural finish and brought it right into the corner. It also meant the kitchen wrapped around all the walls in this space.



Additional Seating

The window seat sits opposite the kitchen island which also has seating, this is another reason why I put the window seat in this location as I wanted to create more seating in this area.  I liked the idea of having seating around my kitchen, so you can easily keep chatting when people are in, especially if you have to cook or make a cuppa.

The seats at my island are a whole other story, it took me a lot of research and time (almost a year) to get what I wanted, but I plan to share more on them in a separate post.



Add Some Storage

I also utilized the seat space by adding 3 drawers underneath, which provides good storage space that I try to use well and not just dump junk.. which can easily happen.



Make it Comfy & Cosy

So for the actual seat I wanted something that would be static and solid but most important it had to be comfy to sit on. We opted for a deep cushioning sponge and got the local upholsterer to cover it.

We toiled over getting bright and bold fabric and I was so indecisive about this, which is why it took me so long to get it done. In the end we opted for a plain fabric to tie in with the kitchen, as I didn’t want it standing out for the wrong reasons.  I thought I could always create a bit of colour and noise with my cushions and these are something easy to change if I get fed up with them.

We picked up the material at Turkingtons, which is a local interiors shop. Since we didn’t need much we were lucky to get find one we liked in the remnants section, so that was even better. It is from the Ralph Lauren range and I really like the texture of it, which is also hard wearing. The little touches of blue through it tones in well with the kitchen. If your only after a small piece of fabric don’t forget the remnant section, as you will be surprised what you might find. We even have some left over and I intend to use it for a this window, I’m thinking of a wooden style valance covered in this same fabric.



Cushion Up

Then for the cushions I needed slightly smaller ones so they didn’t overpower the seat and window. I found these plain velvet ones in the Paul Costelloe range, which I love (they come in two sizes, these are the smaller ones). I then added the even smaller square style ones, to add a pop of colour, which are from Laura Ashley.



Finishing Touches

I had my eye on this Paul Costelloe vase for some time but had nowhere really suitable to put it, until now.  This window sill seemed like the perfect home for it plus it ties in well with the blue tones in the seat and its from the same range as the velvet cushions. I then popped some flowers into the vase, not sure if they are totally right, but I might change these up in time.



The perfect Spot To Relax in the Sun

I like this little corner of my home, it is a space that I use a lot to chill wit a cuppa or read a magazine. The sun sets in our kitchen in the evening so it is also the perfect spot to catch some rays. I ‘m glad I added it and love the fact that whilst it adds some character to the overall space it is also a practical thing and offers additional seating.



Never Too Late

So my advice is even if you are at build stage, its not too late to incorporate something like this into your overall design.

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I hope you enjoyed this edition and I would love to hear some feedback.

Until the next one

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