Weleda Natural Skincare

Weleda Natural Skincare

Hey Lookers

So last Friday my box of Weleda skincare products arrived in the post and I must say I was truly excited as it was for me the start of a new skincare routine. Read more about how I discovered them here


Time for a Change

My skin was crying out for a change and with age I find myself getting more concerned about looking after my skin. I am much more cautious and aware of what products I apply to my skin as well as my diet. I am becoming more aware off harmful ingredients in skincare products as well as in our food. I believe by using or eating such products long term can potentially have a negative impact on your body as a whole, to include our skin. The harmful chemicals or ingredients are inevitably absorbed into our skin and it can only be doing damage little by little. Our bodies are so precious and I personally think with age, I have become more aware of protecting my body and focusing on feeding it with goodness and treating it with kindness.



Therefore I am very excited to try out a NEW Skincare product called WELEDA which is 100% natural.  The product has been around for almost 100 years and is a world leader in holistic natural cosmetics as well as pharmaceuticals for anthroposophical therapy.



Harmonizing Therapies

The product was introduced to me by a holistic well-being Therapist, Mairead Seward-Donaghy, who is also my sister. Mairead is a qualified therapist with over 20 years’ experience in complimentary therapies, specialising with an extensive range of therapeutic massage techniques. Mairead’s clinic, Harmonizing Therapies, is located in Belfast, where she offers a wide range of treatments and aims to provide a sense of tranquility and inner peace whilst at the same time bringing her clients on a journey towards optimum health.



Mairead has recently introduced Weleda products into our offering, with the aim of providing her clients with a more ‘natural’ approach to caring for their skin.


Last week Mairead carried out a free consultation and a mini facial so I could experience the new products for myself and so she could provide the best advise and products for my skin.  Weleda provides a wide range of products to suit your skin type and the free consultation is the best way to find out the right products for you. Details of how to book this are at the end of the post.

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Recommended for Me

Recommended for my daily moisturising was the Wild Rose Collection Range which is the smoothing range and is suitable for people in their thirties, when the skin starts to naturally show signs of ageing and fine lines. There are a number of lotions within this range so I have the Day Cream which Is for drier skin and Smoothing Eye Cream suitable for all skin types.

For a more intensive treatment I was also recommended the Almond Soothing Facial Oil, which is suitable to use on a weekly basis.

For cleansing, I was recommended the Almond smoothing Cleansing Lotion which gently cleanses without drying. It is for more sensitive skin, for all ages.

I then also opted for the Pomegranate Firming Day Cream, which is recommended for forties, I like the consistency of this and I hoping by using it I will get ahead in reducing the appearance of any further fine lines and wrinkles.

I couldn’t start using Weleda and not try out the famous ‘Skin Food’, once Mairead applied it to my face I just loved the consistency and feel of it, it instantly felt like my face was being hydrated and refreshed. So it was a must.

The final product I opted for was the Birch Juice, which is the ultimate supplement for cleansing the body. Given the new season and the new skincare regime I thought it was fitting to try something like this in a bid to also help my skin.

Have a look at my vlog which shows Mairead using a range of different products on my skin as part of a mini facial



Models Favourite

Weleda’s Skin Food product is a firm favourite of models and make-up artists, its affordability makes it popular with us all. It is a backstage staple during London Fashion Week -it has also graced the front row at my shows, requested for VIP goody bags! Models rely on skin food to perk up a pasty complexion and restore radiance for shows and shoots. Fans include Alexa Chung, Helena Christensen, Victoria Beckham, Adele… to name a few.



Weleda Model Zone at London Fashion Week

This season at London Fashion Week, Weleda are sponsoring the Model Zone which  is a sanctuary where models can recharge their batteries and models will be offered a menu of creature comforts and organic beauty.   Weleda will be offering a range of treatments with experienced massage consultants Shona McStravick and Amanda Bucher, including massages with a range of fragrant body oils and holistic skincare advice. All the models receive a goodie bag which includes the famous Weleda Skin Food, Aknedoron Purifying Lotion, Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion and Facial Cream, Citrus Creamy Body Wash and Wild Rose Body Lotion and Blackthorn Elixir.

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Photo courtesy of: Fashion Insight


Book your Free Consultation

Book your Free Consultation today at Harmonizing Therapies to find the right products for your skin.


Consultation Hours

Monday – Thursday   11am – 9pm

E: hello@harmonizingtherapies.co.uk

Harmonizing Therapies

I have also included a link to purchase your desired products online. https://www.weleda-advisor.co.uk/shop/MaireadSeward-Donaghy



The Results

I have now started to use the entire skin care range over the last few days so I will keep you updated on the results over time, keep an eye on my snapchat (elainedonaghy) and instagram and facebook (elainesrovesntroves) for updates ….. here is hoping for less lines and wrinkles….

Elaine xx




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