A Week of My House In August

A Week of My House In August

Hey Lookers

So you will have probably noticed that I have started posting more interior photos of my home as part of #myhouseinaugust, which I hope you are enjoying. #myhouseinaugust is an activity that anyone can get involved and contribute to the hashtag.  It involves sharing photos of your home decors and interiors. The good thing about the challenge is that every day there is a specific theme to follow, which makes it easier to find something to share. I have included the themes below in case you want to get involved.

I really hope you are enjoying this element of my blog and I would love to get any feedback on what you would like to see more/less off…

So this is the plan….Monthly Interior Posts

Below is a snippet of what I have shared to date on #myhouseinaugust for now but my plan is to do a monthly focus blog post specifically on interiors, providing a bit more detail on the full look and items that feature in each.


Keep a watch…monthly interior posts coming right here

Interior Styling  – My New Found Love

I have a new found love for interiors and decorating since I moved into my self-build, almost a year ago now,  but it wasn’t until I had my own home that I found this new interest and I never stop looking for inspiration from other sources and see what others have created in their homes. I took on the challenge of doing my own interiors, with some help from an interior designer to advise on paint colours. Whilst decorating is exciting it can also bring its stresses, when there is simply too much too choose from, if we are trying to work on more than one room, when you’re expected to select from a thumbnail sample and imagine that on an entire wall, room, chair and so forth. But the stresses are outweighed by the challenge, excitement and reward that decorating and interior design brings. There is nothing better than having the freedom to put your own twist on a room, introduce your own ideas and style. Then once the entire room is complete it is so rewarding to know you completed the look yourself.

So once I seen this #myhouseinaugust challenge I thought it would be fun to get involved and share some of my own corners of my home.  I really hope to provide some inspiration along the way.

A Week of #myhouseinaugust

#myhappyplace – Day 10

This is my snug and is definitely #myhappyplace. It is a circular tower style room in my house, which is off my kitchen and dining area, I have decorated it in lighter tones of pink and grey. its my go to place when I want to switch off chill and unwind. With 3 large gothic windows it also has lots of light and is just lovely when the sun settles here in the evening. I have shared a few more photos showing more of the décor.

sung interior design.jpg

My Snug


Pink theme with a contemporary twist (both items Next)


Mix of Cushions to add colour (All cushions Laura Ashley)


Window decorated with lamp and candles (Light –  Ikea / Candle –  Laura Ashley / Candle holder –  Debenhams /  Cones – Foxford Woollen Mills


Sideboard -TK Maxx / Vase – Next


#Shelfie – Day 11

I could not pick anything but this, which was handcrafted by my father. Inspiration from none other than Pinterest and it holds  of my shoes …..most of them. As you see I have a thing for shoes. Click over to another blog post I did  recently on some of my new additions to this very shelf ‘Shoes Who, What, Wear’


My Shoe Shelf…crafted by my Father

shoes - feature

Find out more about these on my blog  ‘Shoes, Who, What, Wear’


#Favourite – Day 12

I selected this as it is on of my favorite lamps in my house. I got as a gift and really adore it.  You can read and see more on this corner, as well as get links where to items, on this post I did some time back ‘Brighten Up A Nook’

oliver bonas lamp

Lamp by Oliver Bonas


My lamp grouped with some other ornaments, this is in my living area


Vases – Debenhams and Marks & Spencer / Bookends –  Marks & Spencer


#Photograph  – Day 13

It was only when I went on the look for photos I realised I have a l lot of empty frames sitting around. Getting pics printed  and put into frames is on my ‘to do list’. This particular one below was a gift, which I adore and is by Paul Costelloe. It comes with a lovely picture of the Living Ladies  and its too nice to replace with any other pic, so it is there to stay.

paul costelloe phot frame

Photo frame by Paul Costelloe

unit and photo frame

Sitting on my kitchen display unit


#Metallics – Day 14

I couldn’t go pass my copper bath for metallics. I have to give credit to Kevin for this pick, he came up with the idea and i really like it. I centered all the interior around the bath, as we picked it first. So to bring it together I also went with a metallic effect wallpaper and have copper light fittings to tie it all together.


Bath- The Bath Doctor / Wallpaper – Designer Guild / Paint – Colour Trend (I cant’t find the colour)


#Green – Day 15

Not the nicest scene in my opinion but I had to come up with Green and Its not really a colour I have  much love for. This is a wall in one of my spare rooms is painted green.  The original green I picked for the walls in this particular room only lasted for  one day, as i instantly disliked it, and the painter had take 2. The colour that is on the walls now, as you see here, was originally for the walls in the ensuite, so i also extended it out in the room as well.  It is actually a really nice shade of green and is quite calming and i am warming to it with time.

green paint

Paint – School Room Green by Colour Trend


#Bedroom – Day 16

This is my own bedroom. Since its a place you spend a lot of time in I think its important to have a really good bed and there is nothing better than crawling into a big comfy bed every night.  I have more to do in this room in terms of fine furnishings,  but I’m getting there. I wanted a feature wall and went with paper on one wall, with a bold pattern, which is the same as my duvet, but this is now a regret on the duvet front as I think I should have gone for something different. Since i posted this on IG & FB I have received some good suggestions, so thank you. I’m planning on introducing more teal  in the duvet or adding some large cushions to tie in with the paper.

I searched high and low for my bed and matching furniture as I knew what I wanted but found it very hard to find, but patience is key.  Sometimes it’s good to hold out to get the thing you really want.

master bedroom

Bedroom Furniture Coachouse, McCrystals Furnishings, Dungannon / Paper and Duvet Designer Guilds / Lamp – Moy Lighting


#Paint – Day 17


Picking paint for my home was one of the hardest jobs. I was keen to add colour right from the start, but deciding what colours to put where wasn’t easy.
I have lots of grey paint in my home but have introduced colour in different ways. This is my sung, which is a circular tower room, so I decided to make the ceiling a feature and paint it a dark shade of grey and the walls are a lighter shade. Then I introduced baby pink in the fine furnishings, which Kevin was a bit adverse to at first, but I talked him round (it is also the main colour in my hall). I personally you can have pink  without being too girly.

sung tower

View from my sofa –  Ceiling colour – Kenginston Dark Grey / Walls – Hepburn Mid /  Pictures – Next


So there you have it, 7 days of #myhomeinaugust which i really hope you have enjoyed.

Keep a watch for my monthly  interior posts.  In the meantime I would love to hear any feedback on this section of my blog.

Enjoy your weekend.

Elaine x


  1. Gemma
    September 11, 2017 / 8:33 pm

    Love your interior design!! Lots of inspo there! What a find that sideboard was in TK Maxx!!

    • September 16, 2017 / 7:45 am

      Thanks be much for the lovely feedback, it means a lot. Yes I know it was a good find alright, they have so really nice things but it can be hit or miss.

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