Tea In my Case, On My Travels

Tea In my Case, On My Travels


Welcome to the last of my ‘Tea for Thought’ series. I sincerely hope you have enjoyed reading them and I have inspired you as well as introducing you to some new teas along the way.

My final series is focusing on how my favourite tea travels with me and I finish by inviting you to enter the  ‘Self-TEA’ Competition, to be in with the chance of  winning a Food Hamper.

Series 4 - feature image

In my case


Fuel before I fly and of course my Thompson’s Family Tea

I travel a lot globally with my job as marketing manager, and it’s fair to say, where I go a stash of Thompson’s Punjana tea goes with me. It really is one of my travel essentials and there is nothing quite like a cup of tea when you are away from home… it brings that sense of a homely feeling. And, when I get back home from travels the first thing I literally do is boil the kettle, regardless of the time, day or night, I have to have a cup of tea and really savour the time enjoying it.

tea for travel

I bring my own teabags into the lounges



Punjana with me while I Ski

Tea for thought

tea and scone - feature pic

A cuppa alone….OR



With some company…makes everything better (Photo courtesy of My Yellow Jumper)

In my opinion, there is nothing more enjoyable than sitting down to a perfect cuppa, whether it be alone or in company and taking the time to enjoy it, and it’s for those reasons that tea always seems to make everything better. It is true to say that it’s the simple things in life that can make you happy and provide a moment of contentment and calmness, and in this case a cup of tea does just that.


Enjoy the simple things in life  (Photo courtesy of My Yellow Jumper)


follow your heart drink tea

Follow your heart and drink Tea


Let me finish with this, ‘life is like a cup of tea, it is all about how you make it’… which is so very true on all accounts. It’s our personal preference and the key thing is to make it a good one and sit back and enjoy.

Punjana tea

‘Life is like a cup of Tea, it is all about how you make it’



 COMPETITION TIME – Punjana Self-Tea


Would you like to WIN this…then enter the ‘Self-Tea’ Competition..Enter below


To complete the series I invite you to take part in a fun competition that Thompsons are running over the Summer months. If you are a fan of taking Punjana tea on holiday with you, like I am, then this is the chance for you to in for the chance of winning a Hamper like the above.

Click on the link below to Enter and all you have to do is take a Self-tea and share it on the Punjana tea Facebook page:

Enter the Competition


I would love you to share your favourite tea’s and any personal ways you like to brew it. Leave your comments below!

Elaine x

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