It’s all in the making

It’s all in the making

Welcome to my second ‘Tea for Thought’ Series’

This series is all about how to make the perfect brew and talking all things cups and mugs.


If time allows there is nothing better than taking time to prepare and brew your tea to perfection. Making tea is all part of the calming experience, when I have time I like to use tea leaves and make my tea in a pot, let it brew and then enjoy in a fine dainty cup. Alternatively when time is not on my side, (which these days is often the case) teabags are the best option for me and I normally opt for a very large mug.

losoe tea thompsons

Tea leaves when time is on my side


Thompson’s Family Tea Selection (Photo courtesy of Thompson’s Family Tea)


China cups for the best taste… and a slice of cake (photo courtesy of My Yellow Jumper – Link at end)

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Teabgs, for the quick and easy brew


Cupboard favourites

paul costelloe mugs.jpg

One of my favourite collections of cups by Paul Costelloe


Talking of cups & mugs, this is another obsession of mine and it probably is connected to my love of tea. I think I have an addiction to buying cups and mugs – only two people in my house, and we must have over 50. Then I have also starting collecting cups when I travel as souvenirs.

Depending on the type of tea I am drinking this will determine the cup or mug I choose. Selecting the right cup to match the tea is sooo important as it impacts the overall experience. Below are some of my cupboard favourites….


Hand decorated mugs (by Gabriella Miller)



Mugs with slogans


Nothing like a large colourful mug (of Punjana Tea) (Mugs by Cath Kidson)


Mugs that match your flowers


Mugs with Geo pattern


Mug for Him and Her


Mug for every season and ocassion


Mugs from my travels

How do you like it?

How people like tea is a very personal thing, so there is no right and wrong way of making it, but simply a few fail-safe rules to help you make your own perfect cuppa. This lady, Becky Sheeran, has a fabulous article onHow to make the perfect cup of tea’, it will guide you on your way to do just that, definitely worth a read.


Tea in a Pot …

Below are some of the key learning’s I took away:

  • Loose tea leaves can be added to an empty tea bag, saves cleaning of the teapot.
  • A porcelain (also known as fine china) cup, this is ideal for getting the best taste from your tea
  • Tea needs oxygen, so don’t reboil the kettle ( I am always guilty of that)
  • Perfect temp for black tea is 96 degrees and green tea is 70 degrees
  • Adding boiling water to a cold mug or tea pot will immediately reduce the temperature of the water – so be sure to pre-heat your mug beforehand with boiling water to ensure it keeps its temperature.
  • Check the steeping instructions of the tea you are using as they will differ
  • Use a tea cozy to keep it at the optimum temp.
  • Remove the teabag, over steeping creates a bitter taste, don’t stir or squeeze (guilty on that too) (In our experience, giving the tea a stir is no bad thing. It seems to help with the infusion – providing you don’t go crazy! I’ll leave this up to you).
  • Sip & enjoy
thompsons green tea

Loose tea leaves and porcelain cup makes the perfect cuppa


96 degrees for black tea is perfect temperature


Steeping of the tea bag differs from tea to tea


“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” C.S. Lewis


The mug holds special memories


The next ‘Tea for Thought’ series will be posted next Wednesday 2nd August at 10.30, so have a cuppa at the ready.

Elaine x


Photo Credits

My Yellow Jumper (My Sister’s Blog)




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