Sweet Outcome for Hair Removal

Sweet Outcome for Hair Removal

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Exactly one month ago I was invited along to Pure Perfection, Award Winning, beauty Salon in Fintona, Co.Tyrone, to try out ‘Sugaring’. Ever heard of Sugaring? Don’t worry you’re are not alone, I hadn’t until I got the call. So I was very intrigued to find out more and more importantly to test it out.

So just to put you more in the picture I will start by telling you what sugaring is and then let you know what i thought of it all.


What is Sugaring?

So firstly let me start by telling you what ‘Sugaring’ is.  It’s a form of hair removal that has been practiced for centuries throughout Northern Africa, Greece and the Middle East. It is regarded as a more natural and gentle way of removing hair and is said to last longer. It consists of a paste made from sugar, lemon and hot water, which is used to extract hair out of the roots. The key difference with the substance versus wax is that it sticks to the hair and not the skin, therefore it is really effective at getting the hair out from the root, whilst limiting the impact on the skin.


Slightly nervous as I wait for my first ever ‘Sugaring’ treatment … but now  i know there was nothing to worry about


Pure Perfection use a pioneering and innovative sugaring solution called ‘Alexandria professional’ which is dedicated to providing healthy, natural solutions to the beauty and wellness industries.


Pure Perfection preferred Sugaring Solution


Heated to room temperature or lukewarm temperature


How it works?

It is typically applied at room temperature or heated to a lukewarm temperature, so also minimises burning.  This also makes it the ideal option for those with sensitive skin, due to the limited irritation. The desired hair length for sugaring should be at least a quarter of an inch long so that the paste is able to bind to the hair and pull it out at the root.  The area to be treated is dusted with powder and the therapist applies it using a glove which acts as a second skin to ensure the sugar attaches to each hair and only removes dead skin cells. The hair is removed in the same direction as the natural growth which also eliminates pain, compared to waxing which is removed against the hair growth.


The treatment room at pure Perfection


Applied using gloves


Removed with the hair growth


Quick and relatively pain free in my opinion


Watch my ‘Sugaring’ Video on my YouTube Channel to see the Therapist at Pure Perfection explain the Sugaring process while she does it.


Waxing v’s Sugaring

Up until now I have always opted for waxing and occasionally shaving in urgent situations, so to try something new was exciting as I was very keen to see how it compared to waxing in terms of the length it took to do it, the pain and most importantly the end result.

Sweet Outcome

At this session I was trying out the bikini area, which I regularly get waxed. So when the paste was applied I felt the slightest tingle just at this point, but I can honestly say overall it was relatively pain free. It was completed in a similar time to waxing and the key thing for me was the end result, it was completely smooth and no sign of redness or irritation at all, which I would always get immediately after waxing. It is now one month on and there is still no sign of regrowth, which is incredible.

Like any treatment you need to complete a course of it to reap the benefits, so I am excited to trial out the full course  over the next few months so I can get real sense of the true benefits. and of course I will keep you posted as I get further treatments done and do a full review on the final results.

More about Pure Perfection


Nail Bar at Pure Perfection

Pure Perfection are open 11 years have 4 treatment rooms, 3 nail stations, a pedicure chair, makeup & blow dry/up styling bar. The salon consists of 4 beauty therapists & 1 hair dresser. All staff members are continually training to keep up with the new and innovative trends. At Pure Perfection the team enjoys creating unique treatments to suits each clients individuals needs.

Treatments Offered at Pure Perfection
Sugaring / Waxing / Tinting/ Threading/ Gel polish/ Gel & Acrylic Extensions/ Nail Art/ Manicure/ Pedicure/ Tanning/ Facials/ Indian head massage/ Back massage/ Bamboo massage / Minimi Wrap (inch loss body wrap)/ Makeup/ Makeup Lessons/ Hair

Monthly Clinics
Microblading semi permanent brows
Anti wrinkle clinic

Check Pure Perfection out on social media to find out their latest offers, treatments and much more

Facebook: @pureperfection.fintona

Instagram: pure_perfection58

Snapchat: pureperfection8

Pure Perfection
58 Main Street
Co Tyrone
Tel: 028 82840 855


Your experiences?

Have you ever tried sugaring? If so I would love to hear about your experiences of it in the comments section below


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