December Detox – Day 9

December Detox – Day 9

I can’t quite believe myself that I have committed to a December Detox, but it is only for 4 days, I have to keep telling myself.


The whole notion of this came about when I was getting a back massage at True Nature Day Spa last week. My therapist, Orla, mentioned about detoxing in the lead up to Christmas and I certainly liked the concept of it, in terms of preparing and cleansing your body ahead of what is without doubt overload of all things sugar, processed foods, alcohol and more during the festive season. We always give ourselves permission to indulge since ‘it is Christmas time after all’ then we suffer the consequences after.

So after little convincing from Orla I signed up for it and the detox has officially kicked off on Tuesday 20th and I remain on it for 4 days.

About the Detox

It consists of a eating clean – vegetables, fruit and avoiding dairy, meat, processed foods sugar, caffeine, trans fat and saturated fat.

An important aspect of it is drinking a glass of a ‘special mixture’ that Orla has prepared for me, which I drink at night, topped with warm water.

What is in the detoxifying mixture I am not quite sure, but I have been advised that it rids the body of any excess waste. It is not the most appealing drink to look at, but does not taste so bad.



Benefits of Detoxing


Detoxing is not something I do very often, but I believe it is definitely a great way to cleanse the body and in effect hit the ‘restart’ button …I might even do another one after Christmas.

  1. Boosts Your Energy
  2. Rids the Body of Any Excess Waste
  3. Aids Weight Loss
  4. Enhanced Immune System
  5. Clearer and smoother Skin
  6. Better Breath
  7. Encourages better eating routines long terms
  8. Healthier Hair
  9. Anti-Aging Benefits
  10. Improved Sense of Wellbeing


My Thoughts So Far

I typically eat lots of vegetables and fruit, so this part isn’t hard. However avoiding dairy and caffeine is the hard part as I love cheese and many cups of coffee. Doing it in December so close to Christmas, the week before,  is of course a challenge, as it is this time of year we have so many invites to Christmas lunches and dinners, and to get ‘clean’ options is almost not an option. I would even suggest doing it two weeks before Christmas, so you don’t have as much temptation of extra lunches or dinner invites.

Overall I am finding it ok and focusing on the benefits it will bring to keep me going.

I will keep you updated on the final outcome.


My Food During the Detox


Porridge – made with water and some chia seeds, topped with cinnamon and berries





Butternut Squash soup, homemade, so I know what exactly is in it




Quinoa, with spinach and scallions

quiona and soup.jpg



Mix of fruit





Herbal teas and lots of water.








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