Take Time To Fulfil A Hygge Winter Wonder

Take Time To Fulfil A Hygge Winter Wonder

Day 6 is all about Taking Time to Fulfil One of My Day 5 ‘Embrace Hygge’ Top 10 (11) picks – I selected Breakfast Time


So after exploring all the ways to embrace ‘Hygge‘ in my Day 5 post, it occurred to me that whilst I do many of these things, I  don’t fully ’embrace’ or enjoy them to their full. I always seem to be rushing around, spending too much time on social media and other things just come in the way that interfere with the  full enjoyment that each of these simply things can offer.

So whilst I had something totally different planned  for Elaine’s Roves N’ Troves 12 Days of Christmas for  Day 6 I considered this again and felt I needed to take my own advice, so my 12 Days of Christmas has taken a twist from the original plan. I decided to start my day ‘hygge’ style. Day 6 is all about ‘Taking Time to Fulfil One of My Day 5 ‘Embrace Hygge’ Top 10 (11) picks


My pick was Breakfast. Many of us have our breakfast on the go, at our desks, on the train, in the car and don’t really get to properly enjoy it. So after being much more aware of embracing ‘hygge’ I opted for this more fulfilling approach for my breakfast. This morning I deliberately carved out some time to prepare my breakfast. I love porridge, so I  cooked it slowly on the hob and enjoyed take time to select and add a few different ingredients to give it a twist, this is something I never have time to do during the week, and therefore usually end up with a plainer version of porridge, cooked in a microwave (which I hate)


My additional ingredients consisted off: Chai Seeds / sesame seeds  / vanilla extract / coconut Flakes / almonds and topped with some banana, or I like to add blueberries and a dollop of Greek style yoghurt.

I eat a range of porridge, but always try to use organic oats and I like the ranges from Lidl, Marks and Spencer  or Sainsburys. For my additional ingredients, I purchase these from a company called Healthy Supplies which offer a fantastic range of healthy organic  ingredients, delivered to your door.



Then I really embraced taking time to  enjoy and eating my porridge and tasting the flavours and textures, while I took in the stunning winter skies.






Sometimes we just need to be more aware of the present, enjoy the simple things and embrace them.

Elaine xx



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