Embrace ‘Hygge’ for Winter

Embrace ‘Hygge’ for Winter

Hygge… have you heard of it, no doubt yes, if not it’s very likely you are already indulging in it. Hygge (pronounced hoo-guh)

It is almost impossible to give it one meaning, but how I summarise it is as follows … essentially it is about a feeling of contentment, cosiness, well-being, about savouring and indulging in the simple things in life and getting a real sense of joy, fulfilment, contentment and satisfaction from them. We probably all, at some times, maybe more often than we think, are embracing ‘hygge’ without even knowing or thinking about it.


Enjoyment of Hot Chocolate


 (Chocolate  – Le Pain Quotidien / Cup – Sass & Belle)

Louisa Thomsen Brits, author of The Book of Hygge: The Danish Art of Living Well. Sumarrises it as  “Hygge, during the short, dark days and long nights, is akin to wintering. To slowing down, allowing the year to fold in on itself, and tending to ourselves and to each other,” “It leads to a sense of a rich inner life that radiates out through bleak days.”

Does that sound familiar?? As the clocks go back and the nights close it, it promotes all this snug, cosy, and restoration, it’s time to bring the ‘Chill’ indoors and indulge and savour the true joy of it all.  Winter and Christmas  time is the most natural time we slip into this way of living, as the sense of Hygee is all about a feeling that can be conjured up through doing a series of more relaxing, slow paced, restorative things that make us be at ease with ourselves. It doesn’t just mean eating right and exercising, it also means finding small, simple ways to take care for ourselves and feel good about ourselves.

My advise is to be present in all the things you do, recognize and simply enjoy them special moments.

Here are my  Top 10, (sorry I ended up with 11) ways to embrace Hygge this Winter.

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1. Drink Delicious Hot Chocolate with Extra chocolate Flakes on the top…or brew a proper cup of tea or herbal teas


Hot Chocolate Kit



Take time to also brew some nice herbal Teas … enjoy the  pleasure and calming sense


The enjoyment of brewing as proper cuppa and enjoying in a china cup  is bliss

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2. Snuggle up with a blanket, a good read and some fine chocolate


Wrap up under a blanket and grab a good read as you nibble on some chocolate



A small selection of my many books (Bookends are Marks & Spencer)


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3. Surround your house in heavenly  scents





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4. Fuel up your fire and savour the warmth, glow and feeling it brings


The feeling a fire brings is hard to put into words



5. Soak in a hot bath, with some aromatic oils to awaken your senses


There is simply noting as relaxing as a soak in a hot bath

I love to use Epson salts, great for detoxifying and relaxing tired, stiff and aching muscles. Or another excellent options is  any of the bath booms from Lush, they are divine and so many to choose form. Then try to soak for at least 45 minutes to get the true benefits.


6. Slip into magical pyjamas and enjoy the calming feeling

pyjamas hygge elainesrovesntroves.jpg

These are the most cosy, snug PJ’s … heaven

(Buy similar here – PJ’s – Primark, shop similar here – Top £7, Bottoms £8)


7. Devote time to your creative side and create something unique


Tap into your creative side and get fulfilment from what you create

Since I moved into my new home I am trying to take time to tap into my creative side, or at least to find out if I have one. Seasonal times of the year, especially Christmas make for a great time to make some interesting decorations for your home. I have come up with this using very simple items. These were Christmas glass jars I picked up some time ago, I have simply used some of my Epson salts to place at the bottom, I borrowed some items from my Christmas village display, the little tree and people, and simply placed them inside… I think it looks much more interesting. My plan is to do some more festive crafts, so I will keep you posted on them.


8. Indulge in fine chocolate and enjoy it, no feeling of guilt


This was some chocolate I picked up at An Creagan Craft Fair… it is to die for..


9. Wrap up warm and step out into the crisp air and enjoy a stroll with friends, family or simply enjoy your own time


Take a walk alone  or with your family and friends,



winter waslk hygge elainesrovesntroves.jpg

Wrap up warm, get your boots on and enjoy the crisp fresh air

I love to go for walks and take in the fresh air and sights. An Creagan is close by that offers a great walking route, or I can enjoy a walk from my home, just getting outdoors does you wonders.


10. Enjoy the wonders and delights of baking and creating something delicious


My Raspberry Ripple – Delicious


I find I am always so busy, like most people, so getting time to bake, or taking the time to bake can be difficult…but when I do I get so much enjoyment and satisfaction from it. This is one sweet treat I love to make. The thing I love about this recipe is that I know exactly what ingredients are in it and I love it as a treat, plus it is super easy to make, literally takes 5 minutes, ticks all the boxes. This recipe is from the wonderful Sarah Wilson, I Quit Sugar Book. (See recipe at the bottom of the page)


11. Taking time to make the best breakfast and enjoy eating it


Taking time for a proper breakfast, the joy of making it and enjoying it at your leisure




Live, Love, Laugh

Elaine XXX


My Raspberry Ripple Recipe

40g Coconut

2 tablespoons Cacao Powder

75g Coconut oil

80g Salted Butter

2 – 3 tablespoons Rice Malt Syrup

50g Frozen Raspberries

Handful of Pecan nuts – my addition to the recipe.

Melt the butter and syrup, add the cacao powder. Place some baking paper on a plate (try to use one with a deep insert) sprinkle the plate with the coconut, raspberries and the pecans, once the mix is melted, pour it over the mix  on the plate and pop it in the freezer for a 30 mins, until firm.  To serve either break into shards or cut in wedges… I guarantee you will LOVE it..perfect for a  healthy treat.


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