Festive Feel-Good Factor

Festive Feel-Good Factor

Nourish your senses with the aromatic scents and therapeutic properties of pepper spicy oil


Taking time to pamper yourself and nourish your senses throughout the year is really important …. and especially at Christmas time. In the run up to the festive season we are always so busy shopping, visiting family and friends and dashing here and there, so whilst its enjoyable it can also be a little stressful and we can forget about ourselves. I know I have to make a real effort to take time to myself and get some proper pampering.

I have picked my top Pamper Essentials for that Festive Feel-Good Factor as well as some of my favourite places to go enjoy these wonderful treats….


  1. Festive Pamper Essential 1 – Get Your Nails Ready For the Festive Season

I love to get my nails done regularly… I normally never go without having them done now, bit of a addiction I think. You just feel so good and dressed with them. And I just got my new Fresh Festive Nails done and I LOVE them, I opted for a lovely purple tone, which is really in this season, with a little bit of Sparkle to match. I normally don’t go for Sparkle but it is MUST at Christmas time. I love to go to Beauty At Anne’s for my nails,  as well as many other beauty essentials like waxing and for Make-Up, which I always love and go away happy.


My festive nails with a hint of Sparkle




My Make-Up by Beauty At Annes for my Party Night last week



2. Festive Pamper Essential 2 – Get Party Ready Hair

Getting your hair in order for the festive season is a must ( and all year round). The feeling of a new style, colour and or cut is so rejuvenating and such a feel-good factor.  There is simply  only one place for me to get the look I want and I know I come away happy… Harkins Hairdressing.  I have been going there for 12 years and possibly more and to the same person, Karen, the owner, I think she knows my hair well by now and I love to just let her come up with a style, I am always up for a change, so she get to scissor happy and I’m happy.


Harkins Hairdressing



A recent Hair Cut & Colour by Harkins Hairdressing


harkins hair.jpg

Harkins Hairdressing Transformation



3. Festive Pamper Essential 3 – Rejuvenate Your Skin With a Facial

Facials are a fantastic way to aid detoxification as well as helping to help smooth fine lines and promote collagen production as well as cleansing the pores on a much deeper level. I was due to have a lovely facial tonight as well as a  massage, but as I note below, once my therapist worked on my back, the facial was not priority….well not until next week. I love to get regular facials, particularly when the new season comes around.



4. Festive Pamper Essential 4 – DE stress Your Body With A Full Body Massage

Taking yourself off to indulge in a treatment is really essential, it creates the perfect  way to de-stress, recharge, revitalise your body and ultimately create a sense of clam, which we very often don’t take proper time to do.(Speaking for myself)
Firstly I want to introduce to you a fantastic therapist, who happens to be my sister. Mairead, who owns and runs a fabulous clinic in Belfast called Harmonizing Therapies Mairead has been a  Holistic Wellbeing Therapist for over 20 years and has extensive experience within the field of complementary therapies, specialising within a wide range of therapeutic massage techniques. She is so passionate  about her job and during every treatment she works intuitively, drawing on her expertise and knowledge, across all disciplines, guaranteed to bring you an individual experience. 



The most beneficial means of using any essential oil is through massage, not only are you experiencing a relaxing massage, but the aromatic scents and therapeutic properties enhance the overall treatment experience! So why not book a massage and enjoy the warming benefits of Black Pepper. Have a look at Harmonizing Therapies  recent blog post on this pungent, spicy oil!


Tonight I also enjoyed some pampering at True Nature Day Spa, which is local to me and Orla is another excellent therapist. True Nature Day Spa is a unique retreat away from the day to day stresses, combining a holistic approach to Health and Spa Therapies with modern medicine.


My original plan was to get a facial and a massage done, but after Orla, started working on my back we soon realised the facial was not an necessity… my back was in bits… so Orla worked on it for 1.25hrs and it needed every second of it. I realise now I have been neglecting my back and  letting stress get on top with me.


5. Festive Pamper Essential 5 -Coax out those party feet and get a Winter Pedicure

Regular pedicures not only help keep feet looking pretty, they also keep nails trimmed, calluses controlled and skin moisturized. In addition, a foot massage helps to relieve tension and stimulate circulation. Treat yourself to a salon or spa pedicure or pamper your feet at home.

Great Tip –  ( which I got from True Nature Day Spa Therapist Olra, Bathe your feet in Listerine and Vinegar and leave them feeling like new born baby skins… where’s the Listerine and vinegar ..




  1. Anne McGlinchey
    December 16, 2016 / 7:54 pm

    Fantastic Elaine. Loved this week’s blogging so much especially the beautiful Christmas decorations. Thanks for your lovely comments on Beauty at Anne’s, always a pleasure beautifying you. Can’t wait for next weeks blogs x

  2. December 17, 2016 / 7:38 pm

    thank you Anne for your lovely feedback xx

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