‘Me Time’ make a date with yourself!

‘Me Time’ make a date with yourself!


It is probably true to say we don’t dedicate proper quality time to ourselves and we continually keep making excuses that we are too busy.  Hands up, I am guilty as they come. I really struggle with taking time to properly ‘switch off’ and when I do take time out I find myself not really embracing or fully enjoying the experience, whether its shopping, during some pampering, while away on holidays and so forth, my mind always appears to be elsewhere (work).  I often hear myself say “I just need to reply to this one email”, “I’m in a rush”, “tomorrow would have been a better day to do this”…  I always seem to have 1000 things going through my head. Despite knowing the importance of taking time to myself, this is one task I do not properly see through and commit to, but yet I complete all other tasks with 100% attention and focus! Sound Familiar?

Taking ‘me time’ is something I want to get better at and really commit to and if it means making a date with myself, like I do with my friends, meetings for work or with my partner, then that’s what I must do and make a promise to myself. I need to accept that looking after myself is number one priority, after all, if I am not getting the proper chance to recharge, then this invariably effects my mood, frame of mind and ability to function effectively.  This brings me back to one of the key reasons for starting this blog, as this is something I thoroughly enjoy and it provides a release and distraction from all the other stuff.

I would love you to share some ideas and ways you discipline yourself to take ‘me time’ and have a date with yourself.

I certainly look forward to taking more ‘me time’ and embracing what lies ahead with it.

Elaine xxx


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